March 31, 2014

IMG_1541-XLKilo Competitor Ben Schmidt


CrossFit Games Wod 14.5 in the books!  Great job Kilo!  Keep tabs on how well our competitors and our teams are doing here!

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RX:  Max Snatch 15 min. Then, “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlift (70/100) and Handstand Push Ups. Refer to November 20, 2012

Gold:  3RM Snatch 15 min. Then, “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlift (65/85) and Handstand Push Ups

Silver:  5×5 Overhead Squats Then, “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlift (30/40) and Push Ups

Endurance: 3x500m interval row. 200 Double Unders.

Men’s S&C:  RX

Women’s S&C: Gold

Competitor:  Google doc.

58 Responses to March 31, 2014

  1. Tom T says:

    Snatch: 70. Failed 75 several times. (75 is current max)
    Wod: 5:41 Rx

  2. Krista says:

    Snatch – 47k (current max)
    WOD – 5:29 rx (8:35 improvement)

  3. Dave M says:

    Snatch 75
    WOD 7:55 Rx

  4. Amber says:

    Snatch: 27.5 (2.5k PR)
    WOD: 5:00 (50k push ups)

  5. Zach D. says:

    Snatch: 77
    WOD: 8:01rx

  6. Belmer says:

    Snatch: 60kg. Triple, touch n go
    WOD: 8:24Rx. 1 minute PR
    Farmer talked about importance of blogging to track your gains & losses. I was very down on myself after this WOD today. After I got home & seen its a PR, it feels better. Still not thrilled about getting my ass kicked but feels good to be moving forward. Blog ur shit

  7. Josh R says:

    Snatch:70kg failed 75kg multiple times
    Diane 5:50 Rx
    HSPU were my down fall

  8. Amanda Jo says:

    Snatch- 46K (1K PR)
    WOD- 5:28 Rx

  9. Joshua says:

    Snatch 62

    WOD 10:42 RX – last time did 90k and 4 pads on HSP and 14:47…so a little improvement

  10. Eric R says:

    Snatch: 80 (8K pr – wow I was stuck for a long time)

    WOD: 9:34 RX

  11. Adam Liddle says:

    WOD-6:23. 3:00 PR

  12. Alicia R says:

    OHS – 25, 27×2, 30×2 silver
    WOD – 4:12, 65k, decline box PUs

  13. Ethan says:

    Snatch: 70
    WOD: 5:04 rx

  14. Jon Martinson says:

    Snatch 50 kg 3RM

    WOD: 7:05 gold (2 red plates for DL)

  15. Westin says:

    Snatch: did one half way one at 35K, rest needed a lot of work. At the end used 15K bar for form
    WOD: 7:50 Gold, 80K for DL

  16. Andy Van Fleet says:

    Snatch: 82k
    WOD: 6:26 Rx

  17. Spencer G says:

    14.5 11:44

  18. Kelsey Webb says:

    …posting for the first time because Armand made a BIG deal of it this morning

    Snatch: 43k
    WOD: 7:50 Gold

  19. Danae says:

    OHS: 3X4 30K
    WOD: 6:09. 60k DL and 30k for strict ohp instead of hspu.

  20. Burt says:

    Snatch: 32K
    WOD: 6:30 RX

  21. Brandi Bartholomew says:

    Snatch: 48k 3k pr
    diane: 4:26 rx

  22. Reid says:

    Snatch – 57 (current PR)
    WOD – 7:25 (with 90k DL’s)

  23. Merf says:

    Snatch – 75k (3k pr)
    WOD – 3:46

  24. Amy R says:

    Snatch 45k. Mentally stuck as it is easy but never can get above it
    Wod 5:52 rx

  25. Tracey says:

    5:17 silver

  26. Brian A says:

    Was not 100% today. 45k snatch. 6:30 gold with 70k DL, modified hspu. Pushed thru.

  27. Phil Poell says:

    65 k snatch
    10:11 90k Diane. Finally got my rhythm down for handstand push-ups

  28. Jeremy M says:


  29. Stewart says:

    Snatch: 80k
    WOD: 3:24 RX

  30. Jenni says:

    Snatch: 33 (3k PR)
    WOD: 7:07 box, 45K

  31. Shannon says:

    Snatch: 55k
    WOD: 2:47 Rx – 7:19 PR from 11/20/12

  32. Cody Bascom says:

    Snatch: 70kg (20kg pr)
    Diane: 7:36

  33. Kyle Duvall says:

    Snatch: 95, 100(F)

    WOD: 4:02 Rx (11/20/2012: 8:56 Rx)
    I can’t believe I PR’ed by almost 5 minutes!

  34. Lara says:

    25k snatch
    11:00 Diane — Modified HSPUs and 55k deadlift

  35. Ian wass says:


  36. Wagner says:

    Snatch: 100 k

    WOD: 3:52 Rx

  37. amy l says:

    Snatch 47k, 50k f 2x
    Wod 6:33 mod 45k dl,
    hspu 1 orange & 1 abmat.

  38. Jessica Wass says:

    Snatch: 70k
    Diane: 4:00 Rx

  39. Shantelle says:

    snatch 45..48f..crappy snatch day pr is 53.
    Diane: 4:18rx

  40. Bolin says:

    WOD-6:46 rx 10:20rx last time

  41. Anna R. says:

    Snatch: 55
    WOD: 4:15 Rx

  42. Cory L says:

    44 snatch-gold
    6:42 (60 kilo, box push ups)

  43. Jordan Weichers says:

    Snatch 62
    Diane 3:24 (8min in Dec)

  44. Troy D says:

    60k power snatch

    6:41 @ 90k for WOD

  45. Amy S says:

    Snatch: 23k
    WOD: 4:45 (50k, push ups)

  46. Victoria says:

    Snatch: 40
    WOD: 8:17 gold

  47. kenz says:

    Snatch: 30k (failed 35k)
    WOD 10:00 @ 55k/1 orange mat 2 ab mats

  48. Bueter says:

    Snatch: 75, failed at 80 one attempt
    WOD: 11:17 Rx (struggle with HSPU…deadlift unbroken)

  49. Carissa Herkelmab says:

    43k snatch, 3 kilo PR!
    6:50 gold

  50. Spencer G says:


  51. Sarah B. says:

    Snatch: 45k
    WOD: 5:31 RX

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