January 17, 2014

originalWhen You Consciously Decide To Breathe More Slowly and Deeply,

You Alert Your Body To The Fact That You Want It To Behave Differently

You Are Not Just Changing Your Breathing Pattern, You Are Making A Full-Body Announcement

That You Are Entering Into A Different Relationship With Your Mind and Your Body.

Breathe Deep, Fly High

Competitors:  Open Registration has begun for the Games, However, DO NOT sign up until Armand has teams put together!  He will let everyone know when to sign up and for which Kilo team he wants you to compete on!  He will be making the best decisions to place competitors on teams so we can try and qualify 2 KILO teams for Regionals this year!  Stand by for more information!


Kilo Members, if you have to park on the street, please park to the west of our driveway on the same side of the road as our building.  Otherwise the CFPD will ticket you.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Don’t Forget…This Saturday at 6pm, Silo Ice Climbing!  Meet up at the Wild Hare after!  Here are some links below you will need to participate!

Silo Ice Climbing Video,  

Silo Ice Climbing Waiver

Silo Ice Climbing Location

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!!!  Click Here to register.

Reminder:  We have combined the 3 and 3:30 class.  We will have a 3:30pm.  No 3pm class.

Master’s Athletes 35 and older, sign up for our competition Master’s Saturday Night Live!  Saturday January 25th.  Scaled and RX divisions.  Partner WODs.  Register and have a great time!!  Click here for more information.

Bring A Friend Days are coming in February!  February 6, 7, 8!  Line up your friends who you feel will truly love CrossFit and have them purchase a Free Guest Pass to register for class!

RX:  3x 5 Overhead Press + 5 Push Press + 5 Jerk @ 9 RPE. Open WOD 12.2 Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:  30 reps Snatch @20/35k; 30 reps Snatch @35/62k; 30 reps Snatch @45/75k; As many reps as possible in remaining time Snatch @55/95k.  Snatch may be completed as a muscle, power, or full snatch.

Gold:  RX

Silver: RX Lift Then Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 reps Snatch @15/20k; 30 reps Snatch @25/35k; 30 reps Snatch @35/45k; As many reps as possible in remaining time Snatch @40/55k.  Snatch may be completed as a muscle, power, or full snatch.

Endurance: none

Men’s S&C:  RX

Women’s S&C:  RX

Barre:  No Class

Hot Yoga:  No Class

Competitor:  Google Spreadsheet

37 Responses to January 17, 2014

  1. Tom T says:

    OHP complex: 40 45 50
    WOD: 51

  2. Dave M says:

    Lift complex: 50
    WOD: 52

  3. Amber says:

    OHP complex: 20k
    WOD: 15,20,25=62 reps

  4. Belmer says:

    Press Complex: 45, 50, 55 3 x 5
    WOD: 38 Rx

  5. dave-b says:

    Complex 35-40-40
    WOD 20-35-45 69reps

  6. Eric R says:

    Press Complex: 70 – 60 – 60
    WOD: 59 Rx

  7. Katie S. says:

    Lift: 20, 20, 23
    WOD: 15, 20, 25 (PR) – 67 reps

    Thanks for the encouragement Megan and Amber!

  8. Jessica Wass says:

    OH stuff: 40k
    12.2: 93 Rx

  9. Adam Liddle says:

    WOD-60 rx

  10. Michelle B says:

    Lift- 25 ×3
    Wod- 20k, 30k- 42 reps

  11. Jen says:

    OH: 25×3
    WOD: 15, 20, 25 – 70 reps

  12. Westin says:

    OHS studs: 40K
    WOD: 25K, 30K. 60 Reps

  13. Victoria says:

    Press stuff: 30,30,27k
    WOD: 15,20,25k= 83 reps

  14. Joshua says:

    Complex all 45

    WOD 35,50,60 – 64 reps

  15. Heather Sterrett says:

    OH stuff – 25, 30,30
    WOD — 60 rx

  16. Sonia says:

    20 23 25k. Ohp is staring to come back!
    88 reps. 80 in ’12

  17. T.Funk says:

    OHP: 28, 30, 33
    WOD: 67rx

  18. Reid says:

    Press Complex – 30, 30, 35
    WOD – At cap — 30 reps 30K, 30 reps 35K

  19. Amanda Jo says:

    Lift: 25
    WOD: 62 (20,30,35)

  20. Amy R says:

    Lift 25 30 30

    Wod 54 rx

  21. Merf says:

    Lift – 42k
    WOD – 46 Rx
    Very happy to be able to squat again. No significant pain today

  22. Anna R. says:

    OHP + PP + jerk: 35k
    WOD: 82 Rx

  23. Jess k says:

    OHP complex: 20k
    WOD: 61, RX

  24. Kyle Duvall says:

    Press Complex: 52×4

    WOD: 69 Rx (Previous: 61 Rx)

  25. Danae says:

    Ohp: 25k
    Wod: 60 RX

  26. Kate says:


    90 rx (21 rep pr)

  27. Blair says:

    Press Complex: 40k
    WOD: 61 reps (30k, 40k, 50k)

  28. Shannon says:

    Complex: 30k
    70Rx (35 rep PR)

  29. Shantelle says:

    73 rx (13 rep pr)

  30. Juan says:

    OHP : 45,45,50
    WOD: 63 reps (35,39,45)

  31. Sarah B. says:

    OH complex: 28k
    12.2: 55 reps

  32. Lindsey A says:

    OH: 25k

    WOD – 70reps 20k,25k,27k (could have added more weight @ the end but out of heavier weights)

  33. tyler says:

    OHP 50,55,60
    WOD 58 RX
    5k row

  34. Stewart says:

    Lift: 50k all sets
    WOD: 64 reps RX
    Death by strict pull-ups: through 12

  35. brandi says:

    OH complex: 35k all sets
    wod: 64 reps! Definitely not my favorite wod!

  36. kenz says:

    OH stuff 20, 25, 25
    WOD 45 (20k, 25k)

  37. Jenni says:

    Lift: 20k
    WOD: 10, 15, 20 – 73 reps

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