January 16, 2013

563575_384960094925089_1044216984_nWhat you reject is what you acquire. What you judge is what you become. What you fear is what you attract. What you give is what you get. Live your life, every moment, the way you want the world to be.

RX:  Power Clean + Hang Clean and Jerk 5×2 @ 90%. Then, 7 rounds for time of 20yd Sprint, 10 (5 each side) Barbell Bulgarian Squats (30/40). Take 30sec. rest between rounds.

Gold:  Power Clean + Hang Clean and Jerk 5×2. Then, 7 rounds for time of 20yd Sprint, 10 (5 each side) Barbell Bulgarian Squats (20/30). Take 30sec. rest between rounds.

Silver:  5×5 Med Ball Clean + Vertical Toss. Then, 5 rounds for time of 20yd Sprint, 10 (5 each side) Bulgarian Squats. Take 30sec. rest between rounds.

Endurance:  3×5 Depth Jumps to 2nd box (max height), Short Shuttle x5.

Men’s S&C:  REST

Competitor:  RX, Endurance, Strict Pullups 3×8 Max Weight, and 3×10 Barbell Curls

27 Responses to January 16, 2013

  1. Krista says:

    Clean stuff – 40, 42×4
    WOD – 9:44rx

  2. Belmer says:

    Endurance: Done
    WOD: 12:18 Rx

  3. Allyson says:

    Clean- 40, 42X4
    Wod- 12:26 RX

  4. Davis says:

    Clean: 40k, 43k x 2, 50k x 2
    WOD: 9:03 (Gold)

  5. Jessica Wass says:

    C&J stuff: 65-65-67-67-67
    WOD: 9:25 Rx

  6. Schotty RX with shirt says:

    C&J: 60
    WOD:12:19 left leg RX right leg not weight

  7. Michelle B says:

    Cleans 15 15 18 18 20 first time doing them
    WOD 8:20 gold with 15 k bar

  8. Adam Liddle says:

    Cleans-60×2, 70×3
    WOD-9.02 rx

  9. Danae says:

    C&J: 45×5
    WOD: 9:25RX (9:55-30 seconds)

  10. Tyler says:

    C&J 70, 80, 85, 85, 85
    WOD: 7:40 RX

  11. westin says:

    Cleans: 50k, PR for hanging clean
    WOD: 10:25 rx

  12. Shannon says:

    PC/HC/Jerk: 50, 52, 55×3
    WOD: 8:48 Rx – time on the board is wrong…forgot I started 10 seconds in

  13. Heather Sterrett says:

    Cleans: 50×3, 52×2
    WOD: 9:36 (20K)

    • Shannon says:

      Nice job on your clean combos today! You looked strong and probably could have done 55k easily. 😉

      • Heather Sterrett says:

        HA! Not as strong as you, little Ms. Dynamite! :) Honestly thanks for the push, I always lift heavier and push myself more when I’m sharing with you!

  14. Herk says:

    Lift 60k
    WOD: 7:24

  15. Spencer G says:

    lift with 55lb kb left arm

    WOD: 8:07 Rx (bar from rack)

  16. T.Funk says:

    C&J: 48,50 for yhe rest
    Wod: done

  17. Farmer says:

    Clean Complex 97K, 100K missed 2nd Hang
    WOD 6:11 RX

  18. M. Kaiser says:

    Clean Combo: 35k

    WOD: 11:05 gold

  19. Merfeld says:

    Clean Combo: 60k
    WOD: 9:41 Rx

  20. Mac says:


  21. adam b says:

    Cleans 70-75-75-75-70
    Comp stuff done.
    Legs are going to hurt tomorrow!

  22. brandi b says:

    C&j : 25 25 29 29 29 wod: 12:20 gold

  23. Kevin says:

    PC HC 60k
    WOD Gold 9:30, did 10 reps last set, could have gone 35-40k

  24. Shantelle says:

    Clean complex: 45 able to full squat 45 finally
    wod 10:15 jogged 20 yds, 20k.L leg couldn’t take any more weight but I finally discovered hamstrings on that leg…its been awhile haha

  25. Charlie D says:

    6:12 rx

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