January 14, 2012

squats-no-squatsWho Chooses Squats?!?!

5 reasons Why Women Should Squat

Tips for Faster Recovery following Squats


Thursday January 17th, 6-8 in The Gym Office:   Personal Trainer Food and Advocare Tasting.  Perfect time to taste test our nutritional products!

Swimming dates for this winter will be:  February 9th, followed by the first Saturday of each month until May 4th.  Central Middle School from 8-9 am.

Our Body Weight Challenge is done!  Great work to everyone!  We have all gotten stronger at Burpees and Handstand Push Ups!!  Stay tuned regarding the prize for those of you who committed to doing the challenge everyday!

RX:  6×6 @ 80-85% Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Hammer Hits (tire), 10 Hang Power Cleans (55/85).

Gold:  6×6 Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Hammer Hits (tire), 10 Hang Power Cleans (55/85).

Silver:  6×10 Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Hammer hits (tire), 10 Medi Ball Cleans.

Endurance:  3 rounds for time of 50 Air Squats and 50 Double Unders.

Men’s S&C:  6×6 @ 80-85% Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Hammer Hits(tire), 10 Hang Power Cleans (85).

Competitor:  RX + 50yd Handstand Walk and 2 rounds max Bar Muscle Ups.


38 Responses to January 14, 2012

  1. Mac says:

    Ha Best excuse to squat ever.

  2. Michelle B says:

    Back squats 25 30 30 33 33 35 (silver)
    Wod: gold 4 rounds hpc with 15 k bar only

  3. Krista says:

    BS – 60×2, 62×4
    WOD – 4rds (35k)

  4. Sam Hess says:

    Hello Kilo,
    It’s been too long. Just wanted to let you all know a little something I’ve noticed since I’ve been gone learning to swim- normal gyms suck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that people are doing something. Especially since obesity has surpassed starvation in this crazy world of ours. After CrossFitting for almost 6 years I forgot what makes it great. When I go to the gym (not The Gym) now I swipe my card, go do my own thing, nobody attempts to help me get better. Nobody cheers me on. Nobody looks for competition. They just go in and do whatever they want and then go home. It sucks. If you’ve forgotten what you left let me tell you that you don’t know what you’re missing ’til it’s gone. Hopefully I can get my lap swum in the next month so I can get back. And thank your coach for making it hard and your community for not letting you quit even when you want them to shut up because it’s not going to happen somewhere else. That is all. Miss ya.


  5. Merfeld says:

    BS: 100k
    WOD: 2.5 rds @ 50k

  6. Belmer says:

    Great message Sam

    BS: 110kg
    WOD: 50 reps
    HSPU / Burpees: ZERO!!! Yeah buddy

  7. Schotty RX with shirt says:

    We miss you too SAM!
    BS: 110
    WOD: 3rds 10 hammers
    Thanks coaches for pushing us, cause usually its not the physical stuff that makes us want to quit or not go 100%. Thanks for making us mentally tough!

  8. Davis says:

    BS: 75k x 3, 85k x 2, 90k x 1
    WOD: 3rds (40k)

  9. Bridgette says:

    BS: I have no idea where I started, but I ended up at 39k. I will keep track of the build next time 😉

    WOD: 4 rounds + 10 hammers and 1 med ball clean.

    The best thing about being new — everyday is a PR day 🙂 Happy Monday all!

  10. Danae says:

    BS: 65, 68, 70, 73, 73, 75
    WOD: 3 rds + 1 hammer. (45k)

  11. Adam Liddle says:

    WOD-74 reps @ 70k

  12. westin says:

    BS: 70k
    WOD: 3 Rds + hammer, 40k HPC

  13. Heather Sterrett says:

    BS: 60,63,65×2, 68×2
    WOD: 1 clean short of 4 rds. Gold (40K)

  14. Sonia says:

    85reps rx

  15. Shannon says:

    65×2, 67.5, 70×2, 72.5

    WOD: 2rnds Rx

  16. Sarah Jeanes says:

    WOD- 4.5 rounds @ 25k

  17. Herk says:

    Lift: 145k
    WOD: 73 reps 70k

  18. Spencer G says:

    BS-100k all sets

    Wod – 6rds. Silver

  19. Mike B says:

    BS: 2×110, 2×120, 2×130
    WOD: 4 rounds gold(70 kilo)

  20. Brad Weed says:

    BS: 60 65 70 75 80 85
    WOD: 3 rounds + 9 swings (HPC@50kg)

  21. M. Kaiser says:

    BS: 50k

    WOD: 3 rds + 13 reps, 30 kg HPC

  22. Farmer says:

    BS 155K failed 160K last set
    WOD 56 reps RX

  23. ian wass says:

    BS- ended at 175
    wod, 1 clean short of 4 rnds RX(79 reps)

  24. Jessica Wass says:

    BS: 85-90-92-95-100-102
    WOD: 4+13 RX (93 reps)

  25. Bs: 110,110,120,130,130,130
    2rds+4pwr 65k its fun to find the one hammer that has the splinter that gouges you. Builds character.

  26. T. Funk says:

    BS: 58,60 for the rest
    WOD: 3 rds + 2 hpc (hpc @ 45k)

  27. kate says:

    BS 80-85-90-92-95-98k

    70 rx

  28. adam b says:

    Well ive been at kilo for a year now. Time flys! I want to say thanks to everyone ive met sofar coaches an members i look forward to coming to the gym every day because of the great people there day after day putting in the work to inprove an pushing me to do the same.

  29. Em says:

    I’m gonna try and do better at posting.

    BS 65×2, 67×4 planned on going up but failed #6 of set 4…mental

    Wod: 3 rds +18

  30. amy l says:

    BS 60k

    WOD 3 rnds +11
    mod 45k

  31. Sarah B. says:

    BS: 55, 55, 55, 50, 50, 55
    Wod: 3 rounds, plus 10 hammer hits. 35k

  32. Charlie D says:

    bs at 150k

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