January 12, 2013

IMG_1287CrossFit Benchmark Wods:  The CrossFit Girls

Camille Does Fran

Last day of Bring a Friend Day!  Start your weekend off right and join the fun!  Challenge yourself and a friend to a CrossFit “Girls” wod!

RX, Gold, Silver, Men’s S&C, Endurance:  Pick a “Girls” WOD. Partner up and Complete it.

Competitor:  RX, 30 muscle ups then 15 Kip Ups for time

14 Responses to January 12, 2013

  1. Sarah H. says:

    “Annie” (x2) w/ Rebecca

    Quote of the day:
    Bill H. – “Chelsea and I are doing ‘Diane.'”
    Farmer – “Maybe.”
    Bill H. – “The customer is always right.”
    Farmer – “Not in this F*&$n gym.”

  2. Belmer says:

    WOD: “Fran” with Sam: 10:40Rx
    Nice job today, girl. Take care of those hands =(

    CONGRATS to Anthony Merfeld on getting his first Muscle Up today….and then hitting a double!! Great job

    To Sonia – Although I’m a person who very much likes my days’ activities planned in advance, it was a great coaching move to not let us choose. I already had a workout chosen that wouldn’t have pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the same way Fran does – well played Coach Rodriguez, well played

  3. Michelle B says:

    My dad dave and I did angie. 27:21

    • daveb says:

      100 of each pull-ups, push-ups, sit ups and air squats total reps between the two of us 800. Not a bad start for her 7th CrossFit workout.

  4. Danae says:

    9:33 (no partner Fran)
    Fran is not a nice lady.

  5. Shantelle says:

    Annie with Mitch (we each did a whole Annie wod alternating work and rest with every movement. 9:13 rx
    Snatch complex from yesterday 40k
    muscle up work
    body weight challenge done

    Nice job Mitch!! Especially on Isabelle with 73k before Annie!
    BTW, NICE JOB to Sonia…she completed Grace with the Guys weight in just over 5 min! Impressive to watch Sonia! I think she was barely sweating after..lol!
    Congrats to Anthony for his first Muscle up! Great things happening at Kilo today!!

  6. Sarah H. says:

    Nice job, Shantelle and Mitch. You wanted to finish in 15-16 minutes? Solid work!

  7. Merfeld says:

    Worked with Ben this morning. Did Annie – 19:25 I think was our time.

    Had a great time at the gym this morning..never thought I’d be able to do a muscle up but good coaching and encouragement got me up there! Thanks everyone!

  8. Jessica Wass says:

    Completed Fran with my friend Roger. 11:09

  9. Charlie D says:

    annie 5:46

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