April 14, 2014

-1926437649Baby girl “Murphy” arrived at 715 Sunday morning.  8lbs. 15oz 20 3/4 inches.

Congratulations to Kilo’s Strength and Conditioning Member Heather and her family!

Not Just a Champion, but an Awesome Inspiration for Young Girls and Women!

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!!!  Click here to register.

Awesome turn out for the Oly Lifting Seminar!  Now let’s see some PR’s!

Saturday May 17th 7pm Ladies Night Out at The Gym!! We are planning a fun night including Raffle Prizes – Open Bar – Hor d’oeurves – Chair Massages – Music & Fun!  Tickets are $20 & will be available for early purchase at The Gym beginning Friday, April 11th. Tickets will also be available at the door for $25.  Get yours early and don’t forget to grab one for your Mom, Sisters & Girlfriends!

Starting Tuesday May 27th Sand Volleyball at The Gym!! Tuesday 2-man, Thursday 4-man.  No need to get a team!  We will put names in and draw teams each night! If you want to play, just show up!!  Play will begin at 5:30p.m.

Hurry and switch your monthly membership payment to ACH (automatic debit) instead of a credit/debit card and you will earn a free Kilo T-shirt!  This helps keep the Gym’s cost down so we can continue to offer our services to you at low prices!  ACH forms are at the front desk!

May 9-11 North Central Regional  Navy Pier 600 E Grand Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60611. Buy your tickets here.  Find a  Hotel!

Our Mobility and Elements Class is M & W at 4:30pm.  Sign up and join us!  If you have an All Access membership, you’re already covered!  Otherwise, purchase a ME punch card!  15 punches for $50! SAVE YOUR JOINTS!! Your Body Is Worth It!


Mobility & Elements (ME): 4:30pm Class Today!  Sign up!  Save your joints and reach your genetic potential!

Hot Yoga:  No Class today!  Sign up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week and sweat it out in the Hot Box!


RX: Max Back Squat. 15min. Then, 21-15-9 Box Jumps (24/30) and Thrusters (35/50) for time. Time cap 6min

Gold: 3RM Back Squats 15min. Then, 21-15-9 Box Jumps (20/24) and Thrusters (30/40) for time. Time cap 6min

Silver: 5×10 Back Squats. Then, 21-15-9 Box Jumps (20) and Thrusters (Bar) for time. Time cap 6min

Endurance:  5x25yd Sprints then 5x30sec Speed Box Jumps

Men’s S&C:  RX

Women’s S&C:  Gold

Competitor:  Google Doc

49 Responses to April 14, 2014

  1. Krista says:

    BS – 80k (gold)
    WOD – 6:13rx (failed last rep @ 5:59)

  2. Zach D. says:

    Back Sqt: 155 rx
    WOD: 6:47 rx

  3. Tom T says:

    BS: 130
    WOD: 66 reps at cap

  4. Amber says:

    BS: 60k gold (5k PR)
    WOD: 72reps box jumps still slow

  5. Lindsey A says:

    BS: 70 Gold

    WOD: 7:04 Gold (SU)

  6. Belmer says:

    BS: 135Kg, 1RM
    WOD: 10:14 Rx

  7. Spencer G says:

    BS-180/ 187(f)

  8. Grant says:

    BS 192
    WOD 5:16

  9. Eric R says:

    BS: 140 3RM, 150 spotted 3RM
    WOD: 5:39 RX

  10. Jessica Wass says:

    BS: 125k
    WOD: 4:31 Rx

  11. Alicia R says:

    BS: 40k (5×10)
    WOD: 4:35 silver (20k bar)

  12. Adam Liddle says:

    WOD-8:09 24″ box, 50k

  13. Schotty says:

    BS: 145(pr)
    WOD:67 @cap 7:32rx

  14. Michelle B says:

    Wod- 10:05 gold
    Bad day.

  15. Westin says:

    BS: 90k
    WOD: Sonia told us to use a weight and box height so we could complete in under 10 min. Time 9:58, 35 K, 24″ BJ with stepping up

  16. Lynn Smith says:

    New PR 65K BS… Finished the wod in 5:45 -silver for thrusters

  17. Brian A says:

    BS 80k. Possible PR. Next jump up, will be for sure. Wod:Gold 24″ bj, time,,? CRS! Under time cap by a couple minutes, I am certain. Still feeling Fridays Pistols. lol

  18. thad says:

    10:25 rx

  19. Katie S. says:

    BS: 50k gold
    WOD: 75 reps at cap (20″ box jumps with some step-ups….but 20″ instead of the baby ones – yay!)

  20. Sarah H. says:

    BS: 57 (3RM)
    WOD: 5:40 (20k)

  21. Danae says:

    Bs: 3×10 55k
    Wod: 7:36 30k and rx box w/step ups.

  22. Kayla says:

    BS: 90k RX (PR)
    WOD: 7:17 gold (9 thrusters left @ cap)
    Getting close to MU’s!

  23. Jordan Weichers says:

    BS 118
    WOD 4:44 rx

  24. Jenni says:

    BS: 60
    WOD: 80 reps at time cap (actually did box jumps!) 25k for 10 reps, then 15k bar

  25. brandi b says:

    BS: 88K (3k pr)
    wod: 8 thrusters left at cap…. did finish

  26. dave b says:

    BS 110K
    WOD 5:20 35K thrusters

  27. dave b says:

    BS 110
    WOD 5:20 35K thruster

  28. flo says:

    Back squat 142 2k pr

    Wod: 68 reps. 50/24″

  29. Merf says:

    BS – 140 (2k pr)
    WOD – 5:38 Rx

  30. Jo says:

    BS – 34 (9k pr)
    WOD – 10k bar and step-ups, 80 reps @ cap

  31. Wagner says:

    BS: 170K

    WOD: 4:24 Rx

  32. Stewart says:

    BS: 160, 171 (PR attempt- Fail)
    WOD: 6:26 RX
    10 unbroken MU’s tonight: PR for this guy!

  33. Burt says:

    BS: 107k = new PR!!!!!!!!
    WOD: 8:14 RX w/ 20″ box

  34. Kyle Duvall says:

    Squat: 140, 145(assisted)

    WOD: 6:38 Rx

  35. Amy R says:

    Bs 80k
    Wod 7:30rx

  36. Joshua says:

    BS 127k (pr)
    WOD 6:23 gold

  37. Juan says:

    BS: 95k (Gold)
    WOD : 8:36 Gold (Box Jump 30″)

  38. Shantelle says:

    BS 65 2×1, 70 assisted
    Wod 7:36 rx step ups

  39. Kate says:

    5:07 rx

  40. Dave M says:

    BS 130×3
    WOD 5:50 Gold

  41. Amy S says:

    BS: 65k 3RM, 1 @ 70k
    WPD: 81 reps @ cap

  42. Sarah B. says:

    Started lifting program.
    Fran: 4:51 Rx
    Lifts, speed done (subbed 50 meter row sprints for 25 m uphill sprints).

  43. Anna R. says:

    BS: 85
    WOD: 86 @ cap

  44. Gwen J says:

    BS: 65K Gold
    WOD: 5:16 – Gold, 25K thrusters

  45. Ashleigh says:

    BS: 55K RX
    WOD: 7:12 20k thruster

  46. Shannon says:

    BS: 105 (3k PR)
    WOD: Modified – subbed FS for Thrusters – 5:08

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